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At Presence, we promote community through our events, classes, groups, our singles program, CRUSH, and more. We hope to facilitate friendships, casual social relationships that bring people into health and wellness into your social circle, and maybe even introduce you to a romantic partner! We believe that play, community, and friendship are vital to wellbeing. In some cases, you may not have friends or family members who are kind, warm, mature, or empathic, yet we tend to feel better when our social circle has people with those qualities. When you engage with us, you have the opportunity to feel a part of a community and expand your friendships and social circle with individuals focused on growth and healthy relationships.

We have regular classes on optimizing your mental health, healthy relationships, optimizing physical health, dating, sexuality and more!

Our spiritual groups offer a way to learn and practice mysticism and meditation in a non-religious setting.

Feel free to register for classes and events by contacting us or through the website. See you soon!


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Keep up to date with the latest happenings at the Center, including workshops, classes, educational programs, mindfulness and meditation groups, singles night and more!

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