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Join our singles club and meet like-minded individuals that are also into health and personal growth. 


When you're looking for a partner, you want to find someone with maturity, openness, kindness, and self-awareness. You want to be around relational people who can form close bonds. 

- John Howard -

CRUSH is a Singles Club

Want to meet people that are into health and personal growth? Make friends and expand your social circle with individuals who are humble, smart, and self-aware? CRUSH is a club to learn about healthy relationships, healthy and effective dating, starting quality partnerships, and meeting others who practice a lifestyle of growth.

Healthy Relationships The signs of relationship health show up early in the dating process. Learn what to look for and how to vet partners.

Meet Other Singles Who doesn't want to meet smart, fun people who are into health & personal growth?

Make New Friends Deepening your close circle is a great way to add fun and depth to your life while also lining up some dating prospects.

Tips for Effective Dating Dating can be very frustrating and time consuming. Learn power tips to make dating effective & efficient.

Broaden Your Social Circle There are benefits to learning from others and practicing managing differences with appreciation.

Start a Healthy Partnership We discuss how to start a relationship off on the right foot and build it to last and feel great.

We are meeting via Zoom once a month on a Tuesday evening!

Here's How it Works! 

The first or second Tuesday of every month, we host an evening event where you can meet other like-minded singles, learn about healthy dating and partnership, and make some new, cool friends in the process! The cost is $35/month, recurring each month, until you leave the club. Why make it a club and not just a singles meetup? Singles mixers are often random, one-off events. Our club is oriented around connection, education and forming a sense of community in your dating process. Right now we are meeting via Zoom on a Tuesday, once a month, from 7-8:30pm. Join us for our next event!

Meet Cool Singles!  

Our community attracts neat, smart people who want to partner up with others who are into health and personal growth.

Make New Friends  

Dating need not be focused on only finding romantic partners. Sometimes when you just make new friends, things happen.

Learn Dating Tips  

Dating in today's media-soaked culture is tough. People are flaky. We give you tips to make it all less frustrating.

Have Healthy Relationships

Dating is just the beginning. Developing healthy relationships takes learning, practice and skill. We discuss the path to greatness.

Find a Partner  

With a combination of motivation, tenacity, and proper filtering, you can find and attract a good fit in a partner, rather than wait.

Expand Your Community!  

Our community is into health, personal growth, vibrancy, fun & fulfilment in all ways! Live your best life with like-minded others!

Let the lover be disgraceful, crazy, absentminded. Someone sober will worry about things going badly. Let the lover be.

- Rumi -

John Howard CRUSH Singles Presence Austin

About Us

CRUSH is a singles club for those who want to meet like-minded others that are into health and personal growth. It is the creation of relationship expert John Howard, a couples therapist and educator who helps partners connnect and helps singles find love. John began designing CRUSH after hearing his clients for years request a way to meet others focused on personal growth. 

John has served as a national dating coach working alongside some of the country's top dating consultants and is the host of the Ready Set Love® podcast. John wanted to create a club where singles could get to know each other over time, make friends in a casual setting, and learn about dating and healthy relationships while improving their interpersonal and connection skills. 

John is supported by other dating and relationship professionals in the community such as Peter Craig, Elsa Moreck, Crista Beck, and guest teachers. Our events take place at PRESENCE, a wellness center anchored by some of Austin's leading therapists and healers. PRESENCE combines community with personal growth, medicine and spirituality to help you create a healthy, vibrant life.

Reviews from Our Community 

“If you want to transform your partnership, run, don’t walk, to John. He has put the latest neuroscience and attachment principles into his relationship program. As a couples therapist, John is the best of the best. He can help any couple significantly deepen their bond, connection and fun together. John is awesome!"

- Carrie Contey, PhD, parenting & family expert

“John Howard is dynamic teacher of relationship science including attachment who has a talent for conveying complex research in simple, easy-to-apply ways. His lens on relationships is profound and he has the expertise to deepen love, connection and understanding in even the most complex relationships.”

- Diane Poole-Heller, PhD, world-renowed therapist & attachment educator

“Relationships are the foundation of any successful business, coaching dynamic, team, or pet/owner combo. How do you keep all of these connections fruitful so that they enhance each other? John Howard has proven principles that will be applicable to your pesky personal life AND your main hustle.”

- John Welbourn, former NFL offensive lineman

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